Spokane on the Horizon: Good vs. Good on Public Lands—A Reading List

Posted on: October 1st, 2012 by Preservation Leadership Forum Staff

Today's reading list provides context for another one of our conversations at the National Preservation Conference.  On Thursday, November 1 we'll kick things off with the first of our Conversation Starters:  "You Say Wilderness, I say Preservation! Good vs. Good on Public Lands and Beyond"

The Wilderness Act passed the US Congress in 1964, the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966, both seeking to protect what is unique and precious to our nation. How could two such inspired and important acts come to be in conflict? How could wilderness protection come at the expense of heritage preservation? We will look at the interpretation and application of these acts from the vantage points of their supporters including examples from recent court cases. Yet, the debate raging here is only one of many that pits historic preservation against other worthwhile endeavors. This session offers an opportunity to begin exploring ways to resolve such conflicts for the good of both sides.

Moderator: Douglas W. Walker, Chairman, the Wilderness Society

Speakers: Peter M. K. Frost, Western Environmental Law Center and Elaine L. Spencer, Graham and Dunn, PC

In preparation for this conversation we wanted to provide a reading list to get you up to speed and ready for the discussion on Thursday morning. Have a question for the panelists? Submit them in the comment section below.

Wilderness Act

Case Law

Specific Resource Conflicts

Green Mountain Lookout:

Monte Wolfe Cabin:

Heavens Peak Lookout:


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