National Preservation Conference: Thoughts from November 2

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A t-shirt spotted on an attendee at the 2012 National Preservation Conference.

Day 3 of the National Preservation Conference brought with it much preservation chatter and engagement, beginning with a  Conversation Starter that looked at how we "Tell a Richer Story of Place". We've put together a separate post about the conversation session here, but the four panelists did a great job using their sites to tell individual and personal stories, while also emphasizing the need for collaboration and community in engaging individuals at a variety of levels. The important piece that I took away from the session was the need to be inclusive in all ways when developing interpretive programming and preserving buildings.

That is a theme that I saw again later that evening at the Richard H. Driehaus National Preservation Awards where time and again the recipients demonstrated that successful preservation projects occurred with the buy-in of the community proving that while individuals can make a difference, together places can be saved. We also honored Donovan Rypkema with the Crowninshield Award, preservation's highest honor.

The best way to check-in to the education sessions is through the words of the attendees (on Twitter) themselves:


National Preservation Conference November 2

Images, Ideas, and Thoughts from Spokane 2012

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We kicked off the morning with a conversation starter...
Fantastic conversation starter this morning: telling richer stories -one cannot grow wise by looking at the surface of buildings. #PresConfZachary Wnek
Love it! MT @PresNationLive The gorgeous theater where #PresConf conversation starters are held. @ Bing Crosby Theater
...while a few folks took the time to post their own thoughts on the conference so far.
Synchronicity: My post on #CityofNight #buffalo - now on @thisbigcity - I met lead @DanaSaylor this wk @ #presconf Jonas Galvin
National Trust Conference, Day 1: Historic Trails, Atomic Bombs, and Some Dubious History #presconfLarry Cebula
Then we were off to the education sessions. We talked about real estate, sustainability, mitigation, demolition, and about preservation in diverse communities and landscapes (with a few pictures from field sessions in between).
"Ask for the sun, moon, and the stars; take what they give you" - Mitigation Matters #presconfStu Johnson
Green your design guidelines: #PresConfSF Heritage
Indigenous Landscapes session left time for and facilitated a superb audience conversation. Thanks! #presconf #doingitrightLarry Cebula
Spokane rolled out the fall color just for #presconf Eidman
Learning about Detroit - check out #presconfKayla Jonas Galvin
Don't demolish it, repolish it. Making a case for repurposing historic building materials. #presconfLindsay Benjamin
RT @p645n: Really appreciate the phrase "original intelligence of historic buildings" - open those transoms! #presconfPresNation Live
Section 106 takes place in EVERY COMMUNITY - the public needs to be aware of when it's going on. Esp. because of HUD. #presconfRaina Regan
We need more of this: new #ccc & #wpa etc “@jonaskayla: So cool teachers volunteer summers in National Parks #presconf”Scott Whipple
Theme of #preservation law: agencies must be pushed to develop and consider options. It's all about minimizing impact. #PresConfJason Lloyd Clement
This Art Deco beauty is a late 1920s parking garage. Recently restored & still used. #PresConfMatt Cole
NEPA democratized federal decision making. #presconfRaina Regan
Why Historic Pres Fund is funded by leasing proceeds from off-shore drilling - exploitation of 1 resource should benefit another. #PresConfJason Lloyd Clement
Most #preservation laws mandate public involvement, yet the public rarely knows about hearings. How can we change that? #PresConfJason Lloyd Clement
#1 challenge with getting public support/input to save places - people respond to threats they can see, not theoretical ones. #PresConfJason Lloyd Clement
An #Olmstead Brothers park 1908-1913 that use to extend over the freeway. #presconf @ Liberty Park Tom
In addition to listening, some attendees also gained new data, strategies, and tools.
RT @p645n: "Significant overlap" between people who want a "green" built environment and preservationists. #presconfPresNation Live
"Be flexible, and willing to back up, try again with another approach." #preservationnorthcarolina #presconfDanaSaylor
Recent past zinger: sometimes waiting until a place reaches the 50 year mark means we've waited too long to save it. #PresConfJason Lloyd Clement
Beautiful views of the falls at Monroe Street Bridge! #PresConf @ Spokane Falls SkyRide Regan
The day ended with the 2012 National Preservation Awards Ceremony (Sponsored by Richard H. Driehaus).
The 2012 Richard H. Driehaus National Preservation Awards are getting underway in Spokane. #PresConfPresNation Live
Congratulations to Rosalind Sagara who won the #presconf #amex aspire award for her work with Riverside, #chinatown Historic Preserv
RT @PresAllianceMN: Congratulations to Donovan Rypkema for winning the Louis Du Pont Award, the highest award @PresNation has. #PresConfAndrew Jeanes
Our award. You wouldn't believe how heavy it is. The real deal. #PresConf
Very strong industrial heritage thread in NTHP awards. 3 reused powerhouses, a reused car barn... all GREAT projects! #PresConfJay McCauley
...and the last words.
Glad to hear it! RT @HRCHeritage: We're having so much fun at #presconf that we keep forgetting to tweet!PresNation Live
Two of the amazing Spokane signs #presconf Jonas Galvin
I'm honestly kind of overwhelmed with all the new ideas/thoughts/points of view I'm getting from #PresConf. Lots to think abt moving forwardGrant Stevens

And also, as you can see from this image of the National Preservation Conference staff, we had a little fun:

Some of the staff of the National Trust Conference team took advantage of the Preservation Action Auction photo booth.

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