National Preservation Conference: Conversation Starter and Thoughts from November 3

Posted on: November 3rd, 2012 by Priya Chhaya

The final day of the National Preservation Conference always feels a bit sudden. For four days we've come together to share best practices, gain new ideas, and engage on the tough issues that we are all facing. It's always a bit sad to say goodbye.

The day kicked off with a special lecture by Donovan Rypkema, the Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award recipient for 2012. The lecture was provocative, citing the various reasons why each political party should be supporters of preservation, and emphasizing the need for preservationists to become better communicators of our work. We hope to make the full text of the talk available in the coming weeks.

Immediately following the the lecture we had the third and final Conversation Starter on LEED. As the title described it was a candid conversation about what LEED v4 entails and the relationship between the preservation community and the LEED system.

The speakers for this session were Beth Heider, the Chair of USGBC, and Jean Carroon, principal with Goody Clancy. It was moderated by Patrice Frey of the National Trust's Preservation Green Lab. Heider started off with a statistic that 85% of New York City's current buildings will still exist in 2030, a clear nexus between the green and historic preservation movement.

They also addressed the contention that exists between various groups and LEED. In response,  Heider detailed the ways in which the LEED system is willing to evolve, and encouraged an open dialogue through the public comment period.

Here is the quick Storify of the session:

Conversation Starter: Beyond LEED

National Preservation Conference-Spokane, WA-Saturday November 3, 2012-

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Winding up #PresConf w/ "Beyond LEED: A Candid Conversation About Green Building Standards & Preservation" A great topic for conversation.Matt Cole
Reading List from PLF on LEED and Beyond Conversation Starter #presconfPriya Chhaya
Today's speakers are Beth Heider, Vice President of SKANSKA USA also chair of the USGBC board and Jean Carroon with Goody Clancy. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Patrice Frey from @presgreenlab and @presnation is moderating. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Here is the article that Patrice mentioned Heider wrote re: green building and preservation. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Heider practiced as a preservation architect before current work. #presconf She's going to fill us in on the changes to LEED.Priya Chhaya
"Have to move with the building industry and raise the bar" Heider on why LEED keeps changing. #presconfPriya Chhaya
The stats we should know: buildings produce 40% of all CO2 emissions and use a correlary amount of electricity. #PresConfMatt Cole
I think LEED has way to go in valuing existing buildings and materials but v4 is good step forward. Remember it's on tool we have: #PresConfMatt Cole
H: I want my epitaph to say "helped change from initial cost to life cycle" (paraphrased, I'm not sure I got it exactly right.) #presconfPriya Chhaya
H: Important point: Need to become a part of the conversation. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Beth Heider concludes by asking pres audience to get involved in the LEED conversation. #PresConfMatt Cole
The fantastic preservation architect Jean Carroon now up & talking about green bldg, preservation, & +/- of LEED. #PresConfMatt Cole
Pushback she hears about LEED comes from a spectrum of people, and that people are very dismissive how LEED approaches things.#presconfPriya Chhaya
Carroon: LEED changed marketplace and are now willing to change again to keep up with what is happening now. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Jean Carroon is an important voice in the preservation movement - find her book and read it! #presconfPatrick Eidman
Beth Heider giving overview of LEED v. 4 development & process (including slow down due to market pushback.) #PresConfMatt Cole
Places to get news that Carroon follows BCampagna's blog ( ) and Building Green out of Vermont. #presconfPriya Chhaya
The other blog was Building Green: #presconf thanks @urbanmattPriya Chhaya
LEED v4 needs preservationists' feedback, heads up #PresConf @PresNationLiveSusan Johnson
Caroon: doesn't like hyperfocus on energy rather then avoided impacts. But recognizes that it is political. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Pres peeps. We need to stop looking at LEED &?other tools as monolithic and in oppositional terms. We are part of mkt & solution. #PresConfMatt Cole

The rest of the morning was filled with one last round of sessions and a lecture by Knute Berger, but we'll let the attendees fill you in.

National Preservation Conference November 3

Images, Thoughts, and Ideas from Spokane 201

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The day started with a special lecture by Donovan Rypkema.
Rypkema is making a strong case for the importance of preservation and that no matter your political view you should support. #PresConfPAM
Amen. Rypkema rules. RT @priyastoric We need to start being clear. Work on communication. #presconfJoe Borgstrom
Rypkema: Let go of Secretary's Standards when it comes to homes. We need to come up with something different and more tailored. #PresConfPAM
Correction NO Sugarcoating. RT @priyastoric: Truth. There is sugarcoating this morning. #presconfPriya Chhaya
Followed by the Conversation Starter on LEED.
Talking LEED in a historic theater #presconf Eidman
And then there were a few sessions to round off the conference before the closing lunch. First the session on social media:
I suspect the social media session is going to dominate the Twitter feed for a while. #presconf #imperialismLarry Cebula
Learning about using social media to connect with local preservationists this morning. Fun to learn new ways to use social media! #presconfPeyton Boone - cool way to display your hashtag #presconfKayla Jonas Galvin
Use bold, beautiful images to make your content stand out on Facebook. - @giveit2lloyd #PresConfPresNation Live
RT @PeytonKBoone: Lessons for creating chats: same time and place every month, pick a theme, promote it, predetermined questions #presconfLindsay Benjamin
For "11 most" list - facebook friends got a preview of 1 of the sites day before the official release- adding value for followers #presconfKayla Jonas Galvin
The Payton Building, one of the post-fire buildings designed by Herman Preusse. #presconfPreservationNation
while others attended discussions on National Heritage Areas, Mission 66, disaster planning, and diversity.
Learning about design guidelines that protect historic neighborhoods with @amberwaldref at the #presconfjonbsnyder
Preservation needs a demographic facelift! ACHP session on diversity #presconfPreservation NPS
"do the standards for preservation provide for the treatment of modern architecture?" - Mission 66 #presconfStu Johnson
When there was $ heritage areas fought over it, with funding cuts they've pulled together. #presconfLarry Cebula
NPS just visited Cataldo mission in Idaho, an SAT grant recipient, to see NPS funding at work - amazing! #PresConf NPS
The final event of the conference was a talk with Washington native Knute Berger.
Knute Berger: In Seattle we'd call this a good June day. #presconfLarry Cebula
Berger: There are very few reporters on the heritage beat. #presconfLarry Cebula
Berger: Heritage advocates are the guardians of reality. #presconfLarry Cebula
Then we had to say goodbye...
So sad to leave Spokane! The city has been a wonderful host for #PresConf - beautiful buildings and awesome businesses!Raina Regan
Still wearing my #presconf badge at the airport! had an amazing time in spokane @presnationlive
The #PresConf is officially over. Many thanks to everyone who contributed on the hashtag and to all of you who took time to follow along.PresNation Live

....and that's it for the 2012 National Preservation Conference here in Spokane.

Next year we will be in Indianapolis for Preservation at the Crossroads. Save the date October 29-November 2, 2013. We'll see you there!

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