Game Changers: Seven Forum Journal Articles that Made a Difference

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by Preservation Leadership Forum Staff

Twenty-five years ago, the National Trust committed itself to creating a “forum” to ask tough questions, share ideas and information, inspire action, and celebrate accomplishments. Forum Journal has been a key channel for this work. Our Fall 2012 edition features seven articles that have made a particular impact in the field – we call them game changers. These game changing articles challenged us to think in new ways and reprinting them offers a chance to look back. But, they also inspire us to look forward.

Beginning in January, Forum Journal will come to you in an online format that allows for richer and more interactive content. You will find more photos, more floor plans, more maps, more media. For example, our winter edition devoted to modern landscape architecture will include a video, slide shows and extensive links to the most current research and resources in the field.

Accessing your new journal is easy. When a new issue is available, we’ll send an email directing you to a new digital platform and a link to access the journal. Read it in html or pdf; on your desktop or on most e-readers; or download and print. So, for now, savor twenty-five years of thought- provoking articles and then look forward in 2013.

Preservation Leadership Forum members can access the PDF of the Journal in the Forum Library, or read the individual articles below.

Game Change: Forum Journal Articles That Have Made A Difference, 1987-2012
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