#PresConf Recap: People

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by Preservation Leadership Forum Staff

The National Preservation Conference yesterday was all about the people. From the Real Estate Conversation Starter to the National Preservation Awards attendees talked about partnerships, communities, expertise, and passion. In other words--the human element.

The real estate conversation starter was about looking at realities. Where does preservation stand in saving places and working with shrinking cities? How can one group work with the government to revitalize one community? Attendees asked smart questions while our panelists talked about identifying the needs of a community to make change.

Some of the education sessions were standing room only, while others were interactive playgrounds where sessions took advantage of the experts in the room to brainstorm and move the needle.

It didn't matter what the subject was, but the message was clear. Preservation needs to break out and look for non-traditional partners to save cities, towns, neighborhoods, and places. Attendees examined policy, energy efficiency, and the innovation of historic sites to jumpstart a dialogue for moving Preservation beyond the Crossroads and into the future.

We capped off the night feting our 2013 Richard H. Driehaus National Preservation Honorees, including this year's Crowninshield recipient Richard Moe. These are the people that make preservation proud. Developers, historians, preservationists, and community members that saved a place and made a difference.

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