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3D Modeling the James River at Jamestown

Posted on: December 3rd, 2014 by Sharee Williamson


Screenshot from the 3D Model of the James River (click more to see the full video). Advocate for the James River today.

Screenshot from the 3D model of the James River. Please take action today and send your comment opposing Dominion Virginia Power’s plan as currently proposed.

From slide shows to Power Point presentations, preservationists have long relied on images to get their point across. We show sketches and plans for incompatible infill development and photos of demolished buildings and vacant lots to demonstrate what happens when cultural resources are lost. Today, through the use of GIS and 3D modeling, we can go beyond asking the viewer to imagine the impact of a project on a certain place—instead we can show the impact directly. [For another tool on telling the preservation story read Preservation Story Maps]

Last month, during the preservationStory TrustLive session at the PastForward conference, both the live and web-based audience got to see 3D modeling of Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed transmission towers crossing the James River at Jamestown. This model was created by Esri to help support the National Trust’s advocacy efforts to preserve the historic landscape of the James River National Treasure from these inappropriate development plans.... Read More →

About Sharee Williamson

Sharee Williamson is an Associate General Counsel at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Results Are In: What Kind of a Preservationists Are You?

Posted on: November 26th, 2014 by Preservation Leadership Forum Staff


People_StickerWhat kind of a preservationists are you? Do you wax poetic over flemish bond and glass curtain walls? Or when you see an old factory, do you mentally tally up the economic return from converting it into loft apartments? Do you write impassioned letters to the editor to protest the proposed demolition of a local landmark? Or do you deplore the wastefulness of demolishing an old building and carting it off to the landfill?

Here at the Forum office, we came up with a fun online survey to reveal your innermost preservationist. The brainchild of the Forum marketing staff, Colleen Danz and Rebecca Bice, the survey was launched at the Past Forward conference in Savannah. More than 250 conference attendees stopped by the Forum booth to take the survey.

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Program Related Investments: “Groan” for Preservation

Posted on: November 24th, 2014 by Special Contributor


1282 Calhoun | Credit: Historic Macon Foundation

1282 Calhoun Street in Macon, Georgia. | Credit: Historic Macon Foundation

Ethiel Garlington

Lately around the Historic Macon Foundation (HMF) office we’ve been saying that we’re “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Our talented staff of fresh faces is benefitting from the years (50 to be exact) of hard fought preservation work by our predecessors.

Thanks to the August announcement of additional support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, HMF will continue building on the legacy of those who came before us. The $3 million investment from Knight Foundation will allow us to continue our preservation work in Beall’s Hill and the College Hill Corridor. More importantly the investment gives us the tools we need to continue making the case that historic preservation is successful economic development.

In industry terms, this foundation loan concept is called a program-related investment (PRI). More specifically and less eloquently, in this case it’s deemed a “groan,” since it’s a grant and a loan. This is an important point to make since HMF and our loan fund borrowers will repay approximately half of the total Knight Foundation investment. This concept is new to Knight Foundation and it’s new to HMF. Thankfully, our local Knight Foundation program director, Beverly Blake, and the Knight Foundation trustees are entrepreneurial and recognize the success that HMF has had over the last 50 years.... Read More →