Why Do Old Places Matter?

00_29.3Cover_smallIn 2013 Tom Mayes, the deputy general counsel at the National Trust for Historic preservation, was selected as a winner of the Rome Prize, which is awarded to about 30 emerging artists and scholars who represent the highest standard of excellence. A life-long preservationist, Mayes is the principal lawyer for legal matters relating to the National Trust’s 27 historic sites and for historic property real estate transactions, and has expertise in architectural and technical preservation issues, collections management, preservation easements, the Americans with Disabilities Act and historic shipwrecks.

When he isn’t working on legal complexities, Mayes has been considering the role historic places play in everyday life. This prestigious award sent Mayes to Rome on a six-month tour of discovery where he sought to answer the question: Why Do Old Places Matter? In the year since Mayes has produced a series of blog posts with his answers, and in the Spring of 2015 edited an issue of Forum Journal (download your copy below), that will look at this question from a variety of other perspectives.

Preservation Leadership Forum of the National Trust for Historic Preservation is a network of preservation leaders — professionals, students, volunteers, activists, experts — who share the latest ideas, information, and advice, and have access to in-depth preservation resources and training.

Why Do Old Places Matter? - Blog Series

Spring 2015 Forum Journal - Why Do Old Places Matter?

For the spring issue of the Forum Journal, Tom Mayes, author of the recent blog series “Why Do Old Places Matter?” asked scholars from other disciplines to consider why old places matter. Their perceptive articles will inspire you to reflect anew about why we work to save old places. From Max Page’s article “Why We Need Bad Places” to Eric Nathan’s thoughtful comments on creativity and old places, this journal will encourage you to think and talk with others about why old places matter to you.

This issue is available to both members and non-members. Members can download the issue from Forum Online, non-members simply have to provide us with your email address in the form below.

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  3. Cynthia Moore

    May 14, 2015

    I would appreciate a copy of “Why Do Old Places Matter”, sent to me via email. Thank you.

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  7. Ronald Weber

    August 7, 2015

    The force of the place that is Rome in the formation of the 18th century intellectual movement that filtered through England to stimulate the ideas of America was the focus of our just completed 2015 NEH Institute for Teachers.The work of Mayes and company so powerfully encapsulates our experience. Unfortunately, the NEH will no longer offer such experiences of extra U.S. places to American teachers. Somehow this diminishes our appreciation of the place that America has become.

  8. Peter Donalek

    October 26, 2015

    How many national register buildings are in condominium form of ownership? If a multiunit residential building in condominium form of ownership, then is it more or less likely to be preserved?

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